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There are three basic components of tourism which are also known as 3 A’s of tourism:

1. Accessibility (Reachability/Transportation): - Accessibility means reachability to the place of destination through various means of transportation. Transportation should be regular, comfortable, economical and safe. Today there are various means of transportation like airlines, railways, surface (road transportation) and water transportation. The transportation should be there for all kinds of tourists and destinations.

2. Accommodation: - It is a place where tourists can find food and shelter provided he/she is in a fit position to pay for it. There are various types of accommodation from a seven star deluxe hotel to a normal budget class hotel.

3. Attraction (Locale): - It is considered as the most important basic component of tourism. Attraction means anything that creates a desire in any person to travel in a specific tourist destination or attraction.
Locale is another basic component of tourism. The locale may be used to include the holiday destination and what it offers to the tourist. The holiday destination may offer natural attractions.
It is considered as the most important basic component of tourism. Fashion is an important factor in the demand for various tourist attractions and amenities. The tourist who visits a particular place for its natural beauty may decide to visit some other attractions due to a change in fashion.

Elements of tourism: - There are certain elements or ingredients of tourism. They are the fundamental attractions of tourism. They are.
1. Pleasing weather
2. Scenic attractions
3. Historical and cultural factors.
4. Accessibility
5. Amenities
6. Accommodation
7. safety and security
8. Other factors
a. Guide/ escort facilities.
b. Basic medical facilities.
c. Electricity
d. Water
e. Communication system.

1. Pleasing weather: - Fine weather with warm sun shine is one of the most important attractions of any tourist place. Particularly good weather plays an important role in making a holiday pleasant or an unpleasant experience. Tourist from countries with extremes of weather Visit Sea beaches in search of fine weather and sunshine. Due to this many spas and resorts along the sea coasts come into existence. In Europe, countries like Italy, Spain and Greece have developed beautiful beach resorts. There are many such resorts along the coasts of Mediterranean sea INDIA, Sri Lanka, Thailand Indonesia, Australia, Philippines and some other countries have beautiful sea beaches with fine weather are best examples where weather has played a prominent in attracting tourists. In some countries hill station resorts’ have been developed to eater the needs of tourists. The best example for this is Shimla.

2. Scenic attractions: - No doubt scenic attractions are very important factors in tourism. Scenery consisting of mountains, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, forests, deserts, is strong forces attracting people to visit them. Thousands and thousands of tourists are attracted by the northern slopes of the Alps in Switzerland and Austria and the southern slopes at Italy and also Himalayan. Mountain slopes of India and Nepal.

3. Historical and cultural factors: - Historical and cultural interest exercised tremendous influence over travelers. Large numbers of tourists are attracted every year by the great drawing power of stratfood on avon in England because of its association with Shakespeare, or the city of Agra in India because of its famous leaning tower. Large number of Americans and Canadians visit London because of its historical and cultural attractions. So also the world famous caves of Ajanta and Ellora in India are visited by tourists because of its architecture and painting.

4. Accessibility: - Accessibility is another important factor of tourism. There should be accessibility for each and every location of tourist attractions. If their locations are inaccessible by the normal means of transport, it would be of little importance. All kinds of transport facilities are to be made available for such locations. The distance factor also plays am important role in determining a tourist’s choice of a destination. Longer distance cost much than to short distances.

5. Amenities: - Facilities are very essential for any tourist centre. They are considered necessary aid to the tourist centre. For a seaside resort facilities like swimming, boating, yachting surf riding and such other facilities like deeming recreations and amusements are an important feature. There are two types of amenities viz. natural and man made. Beaches, sea-bathing, fishing, climbing, trekking, viewing etc. are come under the former category. Various types of entertainments and facilities which cater for the special needs of the tourists come under the latter category.

6. Accommodation: - The need and necessity of accommodation cannot be ignored in tourist destination. Accommodation plays a vital role in this field. Many changes have taken place in accommodation recently. New types of accommodation, particularly, holiday villages, apartment houses camping and caravan sites and tourist cottage etc, have become very popular. Usually a large number of tourists visit a particular spot simply because there is a first class hotel with excellent facilities. Today Switzerland, Holland, Austria and the Netherlands have gained reputation for good cuisine, comfort and cleanliness.
7. Safety and Security: Safety and security are vital to providing quality in tourism. More than any other economic activity, the success or failure of a tourism destination depends on being able to provide a safe and secure environment for visitors.

Other factors: - Besides the above factors, hospitality is one such factor among the variety of factors. It is the duty of the host country to be hospitable towards tourists. For this French and Indian governments have done a lot. A series of short films on various themes like “being courteous”, “cleanliness” and “welcoming” a visitor” were prepared and exhibited through a wide network cinema theaters all over the country. Slogans like “welcome a visitor- send back a friend” were displayed at various important exists and entry points like railway stations, airports and seaports. Following the above methods, many other countries launched “Be nice” campaigns. It means that the tourists must be treated as friends.

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